About the Journal

"The Vision":

A specialized scientific journal aiming to excel in the legal and political field among its counterparts at both local and international levels.

"The Mission":

The journal strives to become a platform for publishing peer-reviewed legal and political research and studies, serving as a scientific reference for researchers, adhering to international standards of authenticity and methodology, and contributing unique knowledge in its domain of expertise.


  • Contributing to the knowledge of society by publishing peer-reviewed research for professors and researchers specialized in legal and political sciences.
  • Meeting the needs of researchers on local, regional, and global levels in the fields of legal and political research.
  • Establishing a specialized electronic scientific platform for researchers in the legal and political fields.
  • Providing a scientific reference for researchers in this specialization.
  • Giving opportunities for researchers and scholars to publish their research in various educational fields.
  • Publishing original and innovative research that serves society and preserves scientific values.
  • The journal can provide a consultative guide, allowing decision-makers and state officials to benefit from its scientific and practical content, providing specialized ideas, analyses, and insights through published studies and research.


The main tasks of the journal can be summarized as follows:

The Core Importance of the Journal lies within its specialization aiming to achieve the scientific vision and mission of the College of Law and Political Science.

  1. Contributing to achieving the scientific mission and vision of the College of Law and Political Science.
  2. Encouraging and motivating the academic staff within the college to keep up with the scientific research movement, providing valuable contributions to the journal's established sections.
  3. Providing an academic platform needed by the academic staff both within and outside the college for publishing their scientific outputs for academic promotion purposes.
  4. Contributing to enhancing the scientific standing of the college by expanding and diversifying its activities, particularly in the field of peer-reviewed scientific publications, to serve the college's objectives.


  1. Preparing the quarterly and annual work plan for the journal by the Editor-in-Chief, presenting it to the Editorial Board for approval before submitting it to the College Council for final approval.
  2. Inviting professors and researchers in the legal and political fields to provide scientific material to the approved sections of the journal.
  3. Ensuring that submitted research aligns with the established criteria for publication in the journal.
  4. Receiving incoming research to the editorial management and handling it in accordance with standard scientific procedures.
  5. Organizing and maintaining records related to research receiving and referring to scientific expertise, and receiving the results of expertise (incoming and outgoing). Preparing them for publication after approval of their validity.
  6. Preparing minutes of the editorial board meetings to approve the content of each issue before proceeding with publication.
  7. Sending completed research for each issue to the publication according to the approved publishing plan by the Editorial Board.
  8. Organizing and preparing the acceptance documents for the published research and delivering them to the researchers once the research meets the approved publication requirements.
  9. Receiving copies of the journal after printing and distributing the researchers' copies accordingly, of which one copy is for each of the respective researchers.
  10. Organizing the dedication books and their accompanying hard copies for each issue, submitting them to the college's dean, and presenting them to corresponding colleges following the guidelines of the Supervision and Scientific Evaluation Department at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  11. Implementing other scientific activities and tasks assigned by the College Council.