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Author Guidelines

The Journal of the College of Law and Political Science Publishing Terms:

  1. The research is not previously published or accepted for publication in any other journal.
  2. The research is subject to scientific plagiarism detection, and the allowed percentage of similarity should not exceed 10% for the research to be accepted. Plagiarism is checked by applying “Turnitin”.
  3. The submitted research should adhere to the rules of scientific research and should not be extracted from a thesis or dissertation. It should be organized as follows:

title of the research, author's name, academic degree, workplace (college and department), introduction, main content, results and conclusion, footnotes, and references. The paper should follow proper punctuation and have a clear and coherent style in both Arabic and English languages.

  1. The research must include an abstract in both Arabic and English, consisting of at least 200 to 250 words.
  2. A brief curriculum vitae of the researcher should be attached, including the researcher's name, place of work, scientific specialization, research achievements, significant scientific contributions, and a summary of the research, both in Arabic and English.
  3. The number of research pages should preferably not exceed 30 pages.
  4. The research will undergo a confidential peer review by specialized experts to assess its suitability for publication. The research will not be returned to its author, whether it is accepted for publication or not, and the editorial board has the right to publish the research according to its preferred order.
  5. The research should be submitted in print using Microsoft Word, with the (Simplified Arabic) font size of 16 for the main text, 14 for margins, 18 for the main title, and 16 for subheadings (bold).
  6. When using references, the full name of the author, the full title of the book, the editor or translator, the edition number (excluding the first edition), and then the information in parentheses (place, publisher, publication year) should be included, followed by the volume or part number and page number.
  7. The first line of each paragraph should be aligned to the right, and the spacing for the research should be zero both before and after the text. The line spacing should be single.
  8. The research should be printed on A4 paper after it is approved for publication, accompanied by a CD containing the research according to the requirements mentioned above.

Publishing fees are detailed in the following link


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Translated Reports

Translated Reports:

The journal aims to expand its database and information published in its various issues by translating the latest studies, reports, and documents from foreign journals into the Arabic language. This provides students and researchers with more opportunities to access and benefit from publications in the fields of law and political science for their academic work and research projects. Many experts from various Arab and even foreign universities participate in providing these translations for our journal.

Commentary on Judicial Provisions

A distinguished group of Iraqi professors specializing in the legal field offers their commentary on judicial decisions issued by various Iraqi courts in the form of a working paper. These commentaries detail the contents of these decisions and discuss the different viewpoints and opinions surrounding them. The main objective is to provide valuable academic material for law students in various Iraqi universities.

Book Review

The journal adopts a unique approach by presenting the latest books related to legal and political research available in Iraqi, Arab, and foreign libraries, along with comprehensive summaries of the books. This task is undertaken by Iraqi professors and researchers in the relevant fields, with the goal of providing a broader knowledge base for students and researchers seeking information from these books for their benefit.

Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy:

If you are using this application, contacting us via email, or providing us with personal data, you should be aware of the following:

  1. You shall bear full responsibility for the accuracy of the data you have provided to us. Otherwise, you will bear all legal consequences in accordance with the applicable Iraqi laws.
  2. You give prior consent for storing, processing and using this data in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in the Republic of Iraq.
  3. The journal works to maintain the security and confidentiality of this data through the appropriate application of security procedures and techniques for electronic storage and information transfer.
  4. The journal reserves the right to disclose some or all of this personal data to the competent authorities whenever it deems it necessary.