Information For Authors

“Researcher's Rights”

  1. The researcher is notified of the date of receiving their research on the journal's website or in a written letter; and is provided with a research serial number.
  2. The researcher is informed by a specialized member of the editorial board, after examining the research's subject matter, if the research is eligible for referral to the journal's expert committee for review.
  3. The researcher is provided with the decision of the expert committee or a summary of the decision, whether the research is accepted for publication or rejected, within a period not exceeding ten days from the date the journal receives the expert reports.
  4. The researcher has the right to obtain a written acceptance decision for the publication of his research in the journal after meeting the publication requirements.
  5. The researcher has the right to receive an electronic copy of the issue of the journal in which their research is published, as well as a printed copy if available. Additionally, the researcher can obtain an electronic copy of their research only through the journal's website, which publishes the entire issue and individual research papers separately.
  6. The researcher is not allowed to republish his research, which has been published in the journal, in any other printed or electronic publication outlet without written permission from the journal in which the research or paper was published.
  7. The researcher is not allowed to withdraw their research after the journal has commenced the peer review process.
  8. The researcher is obliged to adhere to the standards and guidelines for submitting research specified by the Journal of the College of Law and Political Science and to comply with the principles and ethical standards of scientific publishing.
  9. The researcher is required to adhere to scientific integrity in their research and respect intellectual property rights.
  10. In the case of a joint publication, the researcher is obligated to provide the editorial board with a copy of the written consent of all researchers involved in the research, and their names should be listed in the research according to the percentage of their contributions.
  11. The researcher commits not to submit research, that has been published, fully or partially in any form or language in any other place.
  12. The researcher is obligated to disclose any conflict of interests that may arise from the research, and he must disclose the source of any financial support for their research.
  13. The ideas, opinions, explanations, and conclusions presented to the journal reflect the researchers' point of views, and they shall bear full responsibility for their accuracy.