The Authenticity of Blockchain Contracts in Proof


  • أستاذ دكتور جليل حسن الساعدي University of Baghdad - College Of law Author
  • الباحث عمار عبد الحسين علي شاه University of Baghdad - College Of law Author



Certification Body , Legal Value, Smart Contractual Document, Blockchain Contracts, Smart Digital Platforms


The interrelationship between knowledge and the resulting digital progress and the law and its rules concerned with social life is a strong interdependence and close cooperation between them, both of which affect the other and are affected by it.

The truth is that the novelty of the emergence of blockchain contracts and their finding in the legal arena has resulted in several legal problems and great difficulties in proof, due to the lack of legal studies and the lack of clarity about their precise and stable features in terms of technology, technology and art for these digital algorithms .

As a result, there are risks facing this process, sometimes legal and sometimes technical, so the legislator is required to give the appropriate legal cover in order to achieve the legal value of these contractual models of evidence .


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