Climate change and its impact on human security


  • أ. د. هديل صالح عبود University of al – Mustansiriyah College of Law Author
  • الباحث كرار عبد الرضا طاهر University of al – Mustansiriyah College of Law Author



Human Security, Food Security, Economic Security, Climate change


Global climate change began with an increase in average global temperatures by nearly one degree Celsius since 1850, and in some places the impact of these changes is more evident. For example, temperatures in the Arctic have increased by three to four degrees Celsius over the past fifty years The past twelve years are among the warmest years ever recorded, and the same is true for Antarctica.

       These changes affect a range of human and natural systems. Scientists have observed changes in the timing of the seasons, the range of plant and animal species, and regional patterns of precipitation, floods, droughts, and rising sea levels.

      The importance of the issue lies in the fact that climate changes are challenges with a transnational global impact that is not limited to global warming (global warming), but may result in natural disasters or sea level rise as a result of glacial melting, and its impact on human security


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