Territorial waters and the rules governing them


  • م. م. عادل ابراهيم طه المحمدي The Sunni Endowment Office Author
  • أ.م. د. يوسف مظهر أحمد العيساوي Samarra University/College of Education Author




territorial waters, continental sea, shelf, high seas, right of way, piracy, organizing rules


The relations that bind countries to each other, and with regard to their maritime borders with their neighbors, and with countries that use the sea for various purposes and purposes with neighboring countries, and it is known that the ways of using the sea have diversified in the present era, and types of relations have arisen because of it, and some problems have occurred for it. Therefore, the need necessitated the organization of land and sea borders, aspects of its use, and utilization of its resources at all levels.

Among those regulations relating to sea waters is the Law of the Sea; Which regulates ways to benefit from it outside the regional maritime borders of countries, and this law, which determined the method of negotiation between delegates of different countries, and became one of the international documents that concern all countries at the regional and international levels, and others without exception, and for that reason the researchers wrote on this important topic to get to know The concept of territorial waters and the laws regulating in accordance with international law and international and regional agreements.


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