Surgeons’ criminal accountability for plastic surgery mistakes in Iraqi Penal Code


  • م.م كمال سامي كامل الزبيدي Department of law, al-Amaal University College Author
  • م.م حيان ابراهيم حيدر الخياط Department of Law, al-Nisour University College Author



Plastic Surgery, Responsibility, Penal Code


Interest in plastic surgeries has increased in the last two decades, as plastic surgery centers and doctors’ clinics have witnessed a great turnout for hair transplantation, liposuction, enlarging or reducing a part of the body, and other ameliorative rather than curative 9surgeries. This is due to the spread of reality shows and social networking sites, which have established specific concepts about beauty and made their followers feel dissatisfied with their bodies and shapes. With the increase in the demand for such operations, we are constantly witnessing news about the death or disability of many people, including celebrities, due to some plastic surgeries. This raises the problem of the criminal responsibility of the plastic surgeon. Is there a special text regulating such surgeries and the accountability arising from them? Or is they are governed by the general rules only? This is what this research paper is seeking to answer.


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