The impact of Populism on the American political systemAssistant teacher


  • م.م. أسيل صالح مهدي College of law and political science/ Al-iraqia University Author



populism, the American political system, Trump's populism, polarization, liberal democracy


Populism represents one of the controversial concepts that does not have a specific conceptual structure, as it differs according to time and place. There are those who consider it an ideology and others describe it as a political current, but in general it is an act of mobilization based on action and reaction with the presence of a charismatic leader and a marginalized group, and it is one of the phenomena that have accompanied human societies since The past was represented by the emergence of demagogues and with the development of societies and political systems, contemporary populism emerged, which was embodied by many political leaders, but the most prominent of them is President Donald Trump, as his accession to power in the United States of America coincided with many political, economic and cultural crises and accumulations that affected the American depth, using harsh speeches that reflect intentions and actions Unprecedented populism, based on support for white conservative Christians, with an emphasis on nationalism and attracting the less fortunate sectors, and this was reflected in the political system in the United States of America and the entire international system.

In this study, we explore what populism is and its relationship to liberal democracy, as well as its origin and historical context in the United States of America, while clarifying the nature of the American partisan political system, which suffers from internal crises that generated a growth of the populist current, which in turn increased polarization and fragmentation within American political parties. This dialectic between influence and vulnerability there is no doubt that it overshadows the legitimacy of the electoral system and liberal democracy.


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