Contractual will restrictions in the work contract according to Iraqi law


  • أ.م. فاديه احمد حسن الطائي Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Author



restrictions, work contract, Will, public interest, labor law


The subject of the contractual will restrictions in the work contract includes the inclusion of the restrictions mentioned by the Iraqi legislator under the Iraqi Labor Law in force No. (37) of 2015, which were included by way of enumeration, but not limited to, in addition to that there are many other restrictions that would restrict Work relations, but we decided to mention some of them for human and social considerations on the one hand, and considerations of the public interest on the other hand, and that they all revolve in one circle, as they leave traces that restrict the will of the two parties to the contractual relationship, in addition to the fact that they refrain from their role, and do not accept agreement between Both parties are in violation of it, as it is a commanding rule that takes into account the interests of both parties to the legal relationship, and at the same time achieves a contractual balance.


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ثالثا: القوانين

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