Administrative formations competent to guarantee the rights of those covered by the Martyrs Foundation La


  • ا. م. د. رنا علي حميد Iraqi University - College of Law and PoliticalScience Author
  • الباحثة: طيبة علي فاضل Author



Martyrs Foundation , Central committees, Martyrs of the Popular Mobilization Forces, Victims of terrorism


   view of the great sacrifices and pure blood made by the martyrs and wounded to this country to preserve the unity and security of Mother Iraq, safe from aggression, we decided to study the administrative formations of the facility that the service text allocated to these categories, and the amended Martyrs Foundation Law No. (2) of 2016 clarified the administrative formations responsible for ensuring the rights of Those covered by the Martyrs Foundation Law and explaining the role it plays in preserving the rights of those covered by the law by following the procedures specified by the Martyrs Foundation Law and the Law on Compensation for those Victims Resulting from Military Operations and Military Errors No. (20) of 2009, as amended. We will also discuss the convening and voting mechanism followed by the consideration committees. With the requests of the families of the martyrs and those affected, and the negatives and positives that result from it, we will also explain the role of each committee and department in ridding these rights of tampering. Passers- by and weak souls.                                                                                                                                          


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