The Criminal Liability resultingfrom depriving a Women of Inheritance


  • م.د.صابرين يوسف عبدالله الحيان Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research/ Legal Directorate Author



inheritance, inheritors, deprivation of inheritance, protection, responsibility


Inheritance is one of the financial rights of women that was enacted by Islamic law before ordinary laws. The percentage of a woman’s entitlement to an inheritance was varies according to her relationship with the deceased. For example, she can be a mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, sisters, aunts, etc. in fact, this right is confirmed for her after the inheritance fulfills its elements, conditions and reasons. The problem of the research is the lack of legal protection that guarantees the woman’s right to inheritance and ensures that she is not deprived of it by the other inheritors. Especially with the increasing phenomenon of women’s deprivation of inheritance in various societies. The research aims to identify the lack in the law regulating women’s right to inheritance. In order to solve this issue and make it an effective law in protecting women’s inheritance from the violations committed against it.


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