Civil Liability arising from the Disclosure of Banking Secrets


  • م.د.عبدالله عيسى مطشر Al-Iraqia university- College of Law and Political Science Author



Tort, Civil Liability, Contractual liability, Banking secret


Economic life is the backbone of society and banking activity is its nerve in the current era. In fact, the bank is a service unit specialized in monetary and financial services and contributes to the creation and distribution of credit in order to advance the economic development process of the country. Therefore, if the bank violates the rules that must be observed and discloses the secrets of its customers, it would be subject to liability. Thus, the responsibility that falls on the bank if it discloses highly confidential information about its customers’ accounts without their permission. This responsibility arises when the bank violates its legal obligations or the agreement and discloses confidential information. The damages arising from this breach are compensated by paying financial compensation to the affected persons. Subsequently, the bank carries out the information of its customers, whether the information is economic, family or financial, then it must be a trustee of this information. Hence, the laws require maintaining the confidentiality of this information to maintain trust, which is the basis of commercial dealing.                                                                                                             


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