Political leadership and its impact on consensual democracy (Malaysia as an example)


  • م.م عبدالكريم قيس عبدالكريم Iraqi University / College of Law and Political Science Author




Democracy, compatibility, political, leaderships, Malaysia


Consensual democracy is one of the models for state administration in multiple and divided societies, and within that consensual mechanism,the political leaders play a pivotal and effective role, as a result of the social, political, and economic status of those leaders. They are either a factor of enrichment and success for the consensual experience, and this is reflected in the performance and effectiveness of the political system in their countries. If conditions are available that are appropriate to the size and status of those leaders, and vice versa, these leaders are a factor that contributes to instability and progress and contributes to the intensity of escalation, and their importance and effectiveness lie through their status and strength of influence in the social and political field.                                   
As it is capable of overcoming crises, accelerating the process of legislation and issuing decisions that would contribute to advancing the development process and the achievment of the political and social stability, provided that those leaders agree binding on the constitutional document, general principles, belief in joint political action built on the basis of dialogue, and absolute loyalty to National identity, and following long-term strategic plans without violating them.  
This is what the political leaders in Malaysia adopted, through the agreement of the political leaders to abolish the struggle for power, while adopting a policy of positive neutrality, which restored the economic balance between the components, which contributed to creating the principle of party cooperation, and building national alliances that cross sub-factional loyalties, All of this contributed to consolidating the supreme national interest, and this reflected positively on its consensual experience and development paths.                                 


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