Statement of the conditions for the validity of recognitionin the Jordanian Penal Code


  • م. د. يوسف مظهر أحمد العيساوي Samarra University-College of Education Author



recognition, criminal recognition, judicial recognition, non-judicial recognition, legal recognition, oral recognition, written recognition, civil recognition, recognition


Recognition is one of the most important elements of evidence in the criminal case, and the importance of recognition in achieving the conditions of safety is a subject, and the consequences of the criminal case under the evidence based on the conviction of the judge emotional, and issued by the accused himself freely and conscious will.
 And the importance of recognition as a penal measure issued by one of the parties to the criminal dispute, the accused as a voluntary act by which a person is authorized to commit the crime, which is the purpose of the criminal proceedings to achieve, namely the access to the truth and the proportion of the cime to the actor, the recognition must have been valued as evidence Of the discretionary power of the Court, like all other evidentiary evidence.
     The accused’s admission of the charge against him does not mean that the court is obliged to judge the conviction, but rather that it is its duty to verify that the confession has satisfied its health conditions and then begins to exercise its duty to assess the credibility of such recognition. , And it is not permissible to rely on him in conviction unless he agrees with the truth of things, but if it is contradictory with it, it is not correct to rely on it as evidence of condemnation, and this is what is standing on it through the research plan.


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